Why Vip Transfer

When people want to travel with luxury vehicles, they request Istanbul Bodrum Transfer service from our company . There are many reasons for choosing Vip transfer services. The passenger sections of our vehicles are specially designed and we make passengers feel at home throughout their travels. We strive to provide the best in comfort. We offer VIP transfer service with our minibus class vehicles. Usually, those who come to the airport with their families can go wherever they want with our VIP vehicles, enjoying all the comfort. Our VIP transfer services can be more economical for crowded travels.

As istanbulairporttransferx , we offer our reservation services via our call center or online. You can easily complete your transactions with our user-friendly and mobile compatible online system that allows you to instantly transmit your Istanbul Bodrum Vip Transfer reservation requests and requests. Bodrum is a district with a lot of air traffic, especially in the summer months. As istanbulairporttransferx, we offer professional Vip transfer service from Milas-Bodrum Airport.

How to Get an Airport Transfer Service?

Taking advantage of our company’s Istanbul Bodrum Transfer service provides you with many advantages. Especially with our transfer vehicles preferred by tourists from abroad, there are many routes to go. We, as a company, provide transfer service wherever you want without saying far or near. You can also use our VIP vehicles throughout the day.

Our Services

We are trying to offer you our Istanbul Bodrum Transfer services safely and to create satisfaction. We welcome you at the point you specify at the date and time you want and place your luggage in the vehicle. Our staff will open your door on boarding and landing. For safe travel service, we track our vehicles with GPS and camera systems. Throughout the entire journey, the passengers are provided with comfort and when they arrive at their destination, the belongings are unloaded from the vehicle and safe driving is completed. While offering our services, we provide preliminary information for our services to all our customers and offer vehicle options and pricing practices.

Our fleet

In Istanbul Bodrum Transfer services, more VIP services are requested from our company. While creating an appointment, we ask our customers whether there are any babies among our passengers and we have child car seats for safe travel. We consider the comfort of all our passengers and make them save time.
Our vehicles in our fleet consist of
• Automobile
• Minibus
• Bus
Vehicle types and more minibuses and bus class vehicles are demanded so that more passengers can be transported at the same time.

Vip Services

All of our drivers are specially selected for our Istanbul Bodrum Transfer services. Knowing the service area in the best way, performing road conditions and traffic analysis, using safe driving techniques are the features sought by our staff. As istanbulairporttransferx company, we have an interpreter in order to provide quality service for VIP transfer services requests, if the incoming passengers are foreign We offer services such as meeting the guests and meeting their needs throughout the journey through our translators. All of our luxury vehicles are specially designed and our vehicles are always insured.

Passenger Transfer Service

We have been providing Istanbul Bodrum Transfer services from the first day we are in the sector. Before arriving at the airport, all our local and foreign guests can make their reservations. In company organizations, companies request vehicles and drivers from us according to the number of future guests and ensure their guests’ trust transfers. We pick up the guests from the airport and take them to their destinations. We provide the same service at the time of return to the airport. As istanbulairporttransferx transfer, we have different vehicle options in our fleet and we plan services according to customer preferences.

We Provide Transfer Services at Economic Prices

As istanbulairporttransferx.com , we request affordable prices from our customers in our Istanbul Bodrum Vip Transfer services. In case our customers request extra service during the transfer, we add extra fees to the price. Our customers, who receive a more affordable transfer service than our competitors, are satisfied with the interest and service of our staff and prefer istanbulairporttransferx services in the following periods. If you want to take advantage of the transfer services for Istanbul, you can make a reservation by contacting our company.