You spent a part of your holiday in Aydın and you want to stay in Didim for a while, but don’t you want to waste time during your transfer from Bodrum to Didim? İ Didim to Airport Transfer you will feel like a star with its service. Our company is primarily a corporate company with leading qualifications in its field, and our vehicle fleet includes high-quality luxury vehicles. Together with small districts such as Didim, we provide fast and safe transportation in all directions, the satisfaction of our customers is always in the first place for us. As it is known, this cute and relaxing holiday resort, located within the borders of Aydın, is approximately 90 km from Bodrum airport. In addition, we are a great companion for you with our friendly team and experienced staff at least as much as our vehicles. You can reach Didim via Izmir Airport or Bodrum Airport.

How to Request a Transfer Service?

You can take advantage of the services of our company to avoid transportation problems where you want to go. You can contact our company office for transfer or VIP transfer services. When you call our call center, you can make an appointment for the service you want by specifying the region you want to receive service from. You can make an online service request appointment through our İ site.
• Login to our website
• Creating membership
• Choice of arrival and departure place
• Date and time selection
• One way, round trip
• Number of passengers and number of children

After determining these criteria, you create the service request by determining the appropriate vehicle model. According to this request, we meet you at the Bodrum-Milas airport and transport you to your hotel in the ruins, Milas-Muğla region. We serve you with our experienced drivers and new vehicles so that you can be comfortable during your journey. You can contact our company and ask what you wonder.

Passenger Satisfaction

As İstanbulairporttransferx , from the first day we started to serve, we have prioritized customer satisfaction and planned all our services accordingly. In all our service areas, we offer quality services such as the transportation of their belongings, getting on the vehicle, and safely transportation to the desired location after meeting our passengers. We follow passenger satisfaction and constantly improve all our services.

Transfer Services

Transfer services allow you to get a faster transportation by taking you from the airport you arrive to the point you want to go in a short time. Didim to Airport Transfer It is important to get service from a reliable and quality company. Before you start getting service, check if companies are available online. . Transfer services are widely used because they allow you to receive services in a shorter time. However, the vehicle’s preference is given automatically. The vehicles, which are very suitable for private or family use, are also comfortable. It is especially suitable for crowded families in terms of the cost of the vehicle they will use from the airport. Generally, families who use taxis from the airport are more expensive in this regard. For this reason, you should benefit from companies with good vehicles.

Transfer Fees with İstanbulairporttransferx

Our pricing policy is inversely proportional to the service, quality, vehicle types and personnel training offered by our company in general. What we mean is, no matter how flawless service, an understanding that does not compromise on quality, our personnel who are constantly trained with economic and luxury vehicles, we come to you not with unreachable prices, but at prices that are completely appropriate for the purpose and appealing to every budget. Getting VIP transfer service with İstanbulairporttransferx is not a dream.

Cancellation and Refund

When the transfer service is picked up from the address, the arriving vehicle waits for 15 minutes. Customers who do not come after 15 minutes are called. For customers who do not respond, no refund will be made as the payment is received. Therefore, it is beneficial for each customer to know the necessary rules.
In case of early arrival of customers, they can contact our company directly in case of not seeing the vehicle. You will not be charged any extra fees for delays caused by flight delays.


Payments can be made online in transfer services. Payments are usually made by credit card. Payments are usually calculated based on the number of kilometers to be traveled. The airport you want to go to, Didim to Airport Transfer service always serves customers with the most affordable prices. Our service policy is slightly different than other companies. There are also companies that determine the price according to the vehicles. However, the important thing here is the mileage calculation. For this reason, it is possible to get general information about our prices by looking at the mileage of the area you are going to.

Our Vehicle Fleet

Our vehicles consist of a fleet with high security level, top package and equipment, suitable for service in VIP standards, comprehensive and provided for transfer service. All our vehicles and car seats are insured, and our guests also benefit from this insurance throughout the journey. Istanbulairporttransferx perfectly performs all the in-car and out-of-vehicle maintenance on time, keeping the vehicles ready for transfer at all times, detailed search, scanning and cleaning before and after the transfer.